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My Bio

  Home   Spain  
  Occupation   Businesswoman  
  Age   born April 1961  
  Hobbies   Socializing, entertaining  
  Likes   A nice smile and a twinkle in the eye  
  Favorite saying   Life is for living  
  Height   5ft 4in  
  Weight   130lbs  
  Bust   32FF  
  Waste   28  
  Hips   38  
  Hair   Light Brown  
  Eyes   Hazel  
  Complexion   Fair  
  Dress Size   12/14  
  Shoe Size   3  
  Favorite Color   Pink  
  Favorite Stocking Colour   Chocolate  
  Favorite Scent   Clinique Aromatics  
  Favorite Food   Italian, Indian, Chinese, Steak  
  Favorite Drink   Champagne  
  Favorite Hobby   Travel  
  Favorite Place to Visit   Mexico  
  Favorite Music   Swing  
  Biggest Pet Peave   Arrogance  
  My Lifelong Goal is   To be happy and contented  
  What Most People Don't Know  

I'm European Kissing Champion

  What I like Sexwise  

I love to suck on a big hard cock before I get a really good fucking