Payment by cash
we only offer a 3 month membership for payments by cash
| US Dollars: $50.00 | UK Pounds: 35.00 | Euro: 40.00 |
 per 3 months

Please send your cash only - no postal orders or cheques - to the address below, and enclose the following details:
  • The name of the web site: in this case, "".
  • IMPORTANT! Your email address (so we can notify you when your membership is activated).

Address for sending payment:

Total Postal Suite 35
Calle Corbeta 10

Please ensure that you enclose the details mentioned above.

Please note that cash payments are sent at your own risk. We are always prompt in setting up memberships once the mail reaches us. It can take up to 2 weeks. If, however, you do not receive a confirmation of membership within a reasonable time, please contact me.